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To liberate today's young generation from the clutches of TV, Video and distorted western culture, It is imperative to revive the dying Jain Philosophy and Culture. During the last couple of centuries, adequate attention was not paid to the propagation and proper understanding of Jain Philosophy, as a consequence of which even Jains moved away from the lofted ideals of Jainism, apart from non-Jains. Against the glare of Science and Modernity, the invaluable culture and philosophy of Jainism is dying a slow but painful death. The present situation is all the more alarming, when we take into account the fact that many Jain Families are ignorant of even the most basic and fundamental tenets of Jainism. As a first step towards the grand revival of interest in Jainism an its Philosophy, Shree Tamilnad Jain Mahamandal, the beacon light of Jain youth unity in the Metro city of Chennai, has taken up the gigantic task of presenting to the world the golden moments of Jain history in the form of Jain Museum. To enable the present generation to take inspiration from this Museum and facilitate the coming generations to inherit the rich legacy of Jainism, we earnestly request your participation morally as well as fiscally in the fulfillment of this gargantuan task.

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