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1. Temple Construction        2. Temple Overview        3. Temple Door


To present visitors with instant and inner spiritual peace, A beautifully carbed majestic idol of the lord will be installed in the centre of Museum. The spiritual rays emanating from Lord's eyes will soothe devotees and visitors and guide them to the treasurers laying ahead the museum.

(2) Life sketches and teachings of Tirthankars and other great personalities :

This section highlights the past, present and future Tirthankar or ultimate liberate soul's lives, teachings and other inspiring works through words and visuals. Notable among the inspirational works are Shalibhadra's devotion and ascetics, llachikumar's detachment, penance of Champa shravika, exemplary devotion and meditation of Chandanbala, Sudarshan Sheth, Pooniya Shravak, etc.,


Pictures & Models of the foundation pillars of Jainism important pilgrim centres or Teerths - made out of thermocol, plaster of paris, etc., will be on display in this section. These would illuminate and enhance the knowledge of the curious visitors regarding ancient pilgrimage centres. (4) THE SCIENTIFIC BASIS OF JAIN PHILOSOPHY : The scientific basis of the various tenets of Jain philosophy will be demonstrated live in this block through the medium of sophisticated and modern instruments and inventions. For e.g. boiled water does not host breeding of new germs for the next 10 hours; on big festival days and the five auspicious days of every month, new germs are born in very large numbers in fruits and vegetables; infinite minute creatures are born when edible substances of opposite characters are mixed; minute creatures pervade the atmosphere with the advent of night, etc., will be demonstrated live in this section. The aforementioned facts, were in fact narrated and handed over to succeeding generations by the great knowledgeable persons and liberated soul from time immemorial.


In this section, through the powerful medium of audio and video, the foundation pillars of Jainism, i.e. Idols, temples, pilgrim centres, great scholars and personalities. Holy books, etc., shall be visible with maximum and lasting impact. Visitors shall be treated to a visual extravaganza of the fine art of sculpture involved in the making of beautifully sculpted idols, templates, etc. Life histories and inspiring works of great personalities of yester years along with narration and helping from 'Agams', the holy books of Jainism, will adorn this section.


In ancient times, Jainism had spread far and wide, beyond the shores of the Indian Peninsula. At present, scores of Jain temples are being built anew in the various nooks and comers of the world. We give thumbnail sketches and brief descriptions of such temples in this book.


True devotees, both male and female, occupy a very important place in Jainism. Self-restraint and the subsequent liberation of the soul are possible only in the life of a true devotee. Even angels, envy a devotee's life, because true meditation and obeisance to God can take place only in a human form of life. Duties and vows to be observed by the devotees and penance to be performed by them and their usefulness and importance in our daily life are highlighted in this section.


Jainism is a veritable store house of rare pieces of sculptural and architectural art. This section provides an opportunity to keenly and closely observe them with the help of sophisticated gadgets.


Life sketches and inspiring incidents in the lives of Tirthankars, especially the 1st Tirthankar Lord Adinath, the miraculous and influential 23rd Tirthankar Lord Parshwanath, and the 24th and last Tirthankar, the presiding diety of this era. Lord Mahaveer, areput up in this informative gallery. When Tirthankars become omniscient, the whole world in enveloped by a dazzling glow of divinity, and this scene will be enacted with special light and sound effects to leave a lasting impression in the mind of the viewer.


Concentration of body and mind helps us in relieving tensions and making ourselves cheerful. To assist visitors in meditations, the tranquil, calm and serene atmosphere of this centre comes in handy. Meditators can easily shrung off their materialistic tensions and establish instant rapport with the Almighty. This centre has been designed in the shape of a pyramid to give maximum benefit to the meditators.


Jainism accords utmost important to festivals, or auspicious days and penance. Festivals celebrated in commemoration of great saints and personalities and their life and teachings, inspire the present generation to lead a good life. Regular penance enables one to brighten one's inner self and liberation of the soul is possible only by penance. This section deals with the various aspects of penance and festivals and inspires the visitor to lead a balanced worldly life.


Jainism is a huge treasure trove of the subtleties of yogic practices. Even the smallest of activities of Jain philosophy are based on yoga. To concentrate the mind and body in the devotion of God, Jainism advocates such Yogic exercises as samayak (a 48 minute exercise of meditation), pratikraman (again a 48 minute exercise of prayers, confessions and atonements), khamasana (salutations), astha prakari Pooja (eight forms of idol worship), paxal (anointment), chaityavandan (obeisance to the Lord), arti and mangal Deepak, (Form of worship by lamps), shanty kalash (anointment in a metal pitcher for peace), etc. and the significance of these will be explained here.


Ancient kings and emperors embraced Jainism and patronized it. They also encouraged paintings and arts in the propagation and expansion of Jainism in the world. Through the medium of rare paintings, this section brings out the historical importance of Jainism.


Reflecting the Jain philosophy of situational change, this all region gallery resembles a monument of religious tolerance. Jain history is replete with instances of deep friendship with other religions, communities and doctrines. All religious have embraced non-violence (Ahimsa) which is the foundation of Jainism, and this great doctrine is all the more relevant and useful in to-day's violent atmosphere.


To understand better the various nuances of the exhibits in the Jain Museum, well - trained guides in Hindi, English, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Gujrati, Marathi, etc., are being deployed to-day's violent atmosphere.


With a luxurious seating capacity of nearly 500 persons, this huge and fully air conditioned auditorium will be equipped with the most modern audio-visual gadgets. The seating arrangement will be such that a person sitting anywhere in the auditorium would get a clear view of the activities of the activities going on the stage. It's scientifically designed acoustic system will enable every person in the audience to hear the faintest sound or the smallest musical note very clearly.


Built in the ancient 'Nagar' style and exhibiting the most artistic architecture, this grand aquatic temple will instantly attract the visitor towards it. It's sky scraping flag and artistic balconies seems to narrate the glorious past of Jainism. The beautifully carved idol of the presiding deity will help devotees experience divine splendor and give them a feeling of meditational atmosphere. All the necessary items of worship will be provided to the devotees in the temple.


Shree Tamilnad Jain Mahamandal is highly indebted to all its generous donors who have supported them morally and financially in this ambitious project since its inception. The spacious reception hall would proudly display the photos and names of all the donors. The meticulously planned reception wing would appear to the visitors a picture of gratitude while welcoming them. After obtaining the complete information and the whereabouts of the museum from this section, you would step into one of the most exhilarating, unique and educative experience of your life.

(19) LIBRARY :

Well stacked with titles and books on various subjects, this library will be equipped with the latest electronic gadgetry also. Apart from books, viewing facility of religious video cassettes will be provided both for individuals and groups. Based on the minutest details and exhaustive coverage of Jainism, these cassettes would help visitors with a better understanding of Jainism.


The power of knowledge is all pervading. Quotable quotes of knowledgeable and intellectual persons have been compiled and neatly arranged here. Simple language and easy accessibility will help non-Jains also to satisfactorily get a glimpse of Jainism. Equipped with extensive contexts, this readable material will help researchers identify the myriad solutions to today's problems haunting mankind.


(a) Park : The whole circumference of the museum is being developed into a pleasant garden whose fragrance will beckon visitors to nature's bounties. The plants and trees, lined up in a symmetrical pattern and colorful flowers will add to the beauty of this garden. Nature's pleasant spring and the blooming flowers thrill the body and soul alike, and it will serve as a stepping stone to your interaction with God.

(b) Intellectual Games for children : To develop intellectual skills in the natural and playful minds of young children, a variety of entertainment programs and games are arranged here, and their curiosity and enthusiasm will be well looked after.
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